Aswin Karthik

Aug 18, 2019 10:34 · 122 words · 1 minute read

I am

  • A full stack, polyglot developer.
  • Currently working as part of a Platform engineering team that builds tools for product teams/developers to run 100+ microservices.
  • Experienced on building infrastructure/platforms to run a high traffic large scale web application on Kubernetes.
  • Experienced in Infrastructure automation for deploying applications using tools/platforms like Chef on VMs or Kubernetes using containers.
  • Experienced in building backends using Microservices architecture with exposure to technologies like Java with Spring/Dropwizard, NodeJS, Golang, Ruby on Rails.
  • Analyze and solve numerous problems faced when running B2C and B2B applications.
  • Strong problem solving skills. I look out for interesting problems to solve and come up with disruptive solutions.
  • Efficient in using a wide variety of programming languages and tools.
  • Open source contributor